OEM Stereo Headset Headphones Earphones Earbuds for AT&T Pantech Link P7040p
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Product Description
Pantech OEM (Original) Stereo Hands-free Headset Premium Wired Earphones Earbuds Headphones Earpieces w Microphone Compatible with AT&T Pantech Link P7040p Cell Phones. The Pantech 2-in-1 Stereo Earbuds Headset with handsfree combines integrated headset technology designed to deliver rich, detailed sound. If you receive a call while wearing the ear buds, the music will be interrupted and you can hear the ring tone through both earpieces (no sound from your Smartphone's speaker) as long as the ringer on the phone is switched to off. Press the one-touch button above the microphone to answer the phone and press it again to hang up the phone.
Sensitive microphone for crystal clear phone conversations
Light weight and sleek
Rich, detailed sound
  • Crystal clear and high quality voice for both talking party for AT&T Pantech Link P7040p
  • Comes with a one touch button for mute, answer / end or voice activation (Model dependent)
  • Convenient and easy-to-use control button for you to answer, mute or end calls, and to play or pause
  • Made with perfect length, durable wire and comfy earpiece
  • Sensitive microphone for crystal clear phone conversations