Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Wireless Headset, Cashmere for AT&T LG G5
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Jawbone ICON Earwear Bluetooth Wireless Headset, Cashmere In-ear ear-bud (with over-the-ear mount), Monaural Compatible with AT&T LG G5 Cell Phones. The Jawbone ICON Cashmere is the smartest, most comfortable, and smallest Jawbone ever created. It has a dedicated on/off switch, and it comes with several ear-fit options. The Jawbone ICON boasts amazing sound quality and excellent canceling of wind noise, so your voice can be heard clearly in nearly all environments. It has many advanced features, including an iPhone battery meter, where your remaining battery life is displayed on your iPhone's status bar. And, audio tones helpfully whisper important information, like remaining battery life and caller ID, into your ear. All in all, the Aliph Jawbone Icon is attractive and affordable with great call quality and advanced features. Do More with Aliph Jawbone Icon Earwear Bluetooth Headset. World's Best Selling intelligent headset. NoiseAssasin 2.5, streaming music & audio and works with MyTalk App.
  • Battery meter on your phone. For iPhone and Blackberry available via MYTalk. for AT&T LG G5
  • Simultaneous Multipoint able to connect with two devices at the same time.
  • This bluetooth ear piece talks to you. Telling you caller id or remaining battery life.
  • With Jawbone ICON you can customize and update your headset from your iPhone with many apps.
  • Ear piece has noise cancellation and allows you to listen to your music when not in call.
  • The Jawbone ICON also supports speech to text or tweet. Say exactly what you want to text and it types it for you.