OEM Travel Wall Charger Power Adapter USB Cable for AT&T Kyocera DuraXE
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HTC OEM Travel Home Wall AC Charger Power Adapter with Charging USB Cable Compatible with AT&T Kyocera DuraXE Cell Phones. The HTC USB Travel Charger with USB Cable recharges phone battery without overcharging. One end fits AC wall outlet and other end has a port for USB cable (included). Use it at home, at the office, or take it when you travel. OEM HTC USB Travel Charger Adapter keeps your device charged and ready to go. Keep one for home and one in the office for maximum up time. Small, compact and lightweight, perfect for travelers.
  • Pairs with a USB cable to charge from a wall outlet. USB Cable is included for AT&T Kyocera DuraXE
  • Safety circuits prevents over-charging. Charge your device while still using it. Compact size for easy travel.
  • Slim, small and light, this charger is easy to carry. Compact sized charger making it ideal for the frequent traveler.
  • Regulated voltage allows charging for cell phones, PDAs, other mobile devices that can be charged via USB connection.
  • Compatible with cell phones, PDA phones, MP3 players, Apple iPad and other USB-chargeable devices.
  • Input: 100-240V ~ 200mA, 50-60Hz .Output: 5.0V DC; 1.5A.