HR Car Window Mount Dock Windshield Holder for AT&T Apple iPhone SE
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Universal HERBERT RICHTER Car Windshield Holder Window Suction Cup Mount Cradle Stand Dock (Made in Germany) Compatible with AT&T Apple iPhone SE Cell Phones. Herbert Richter is a German company and is a pioneer in the industry of creating high quality mounting solutions. Using only the finest quality Aluminium, plastic and rubber, HR produce an adjustable suction mechanism and holder, which is vibration free. The combination of having high-grade materials along with the exceptional German build quality leads to a superior product that will last. HR also prides its self that products are universal and can be combined with different adaptors so can suit your needs, whether its to clip onto a motorbike wind screen or air vents.
An adjustable PDA holder to attach to the range of Herbert Richter mounting solutions.
Clipping the holder onto your car's vent or using a vacuum base, adjustable side-grip support arms and a flexible gooseneck pedestal, users can safely and securely attach their PDA to any vehicle's windshield without the use of messy adhesives.
  • Herbert Richter is German company, pioneer in industry of creating high quality mounting solutions for AT&T Apple iPhone SE
  • Squeeze sides to close and press button to release the device
  • Ring shaped sides for stronger grip. Adjustable supports to fit all electric adapters
  • 4-hole-ratcheting-system on back of holder attaches instantly to any HR mount solution
  • Adjustable Pocket PC holder for small sized PDAs and Smartphones.