Travel AC Wall Charger Power Adapter Folding Blade for Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5
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Universal USB Port Travel AC Wall Outlet Home Charger Power Adapter with Folding Blade, Retractable Prongs and LED Light Indicator Compatible with Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5 Cell Phones. This sleek looking slimmed-down design AC wall charger features fold-flat, blades for easy use in wall outlets and powerstrips. It will charge your handset or any other USB-chargeable device.Ultra compact AC to USB power supply. The perfect iPod, iPhone, Zune and Cell Phones , PDA s accessory. The ability to charge devices simultaneously is dependent on the battery size and current draw of device.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable, stylish, easy to store. Perfect accessory for traveling. USB Cable is NOT Included! for Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5
  • New non-OEM. Input: 100V - 240V (U.S. & World Standard). Made of High Quality Durable Hard Plastic.
  • Delivers safe charging levels for most USB devices from almost any wall outlet.
  • Smart design with built-in charging circuitry to prevent overcharge. Works with any USA style wall outlet.
  • You must have a USB charging cable inorder to charge your device with this charger!