UNIVERSAL LCD Cover Screen Protector Film Shield for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
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H Brand UNIVERSAL Lens Cover LCD Screen Protector Film Shield Guard with Measurement Grid for Easy cut Compatible with AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A) Cell Phones. The Universal Screen Overlay is cut to size and suitable to protect your mobile device's LCD display from scratches, dirt and dust. A high quality dust proof lcd lens screen protector film with a measurement grid on it. With the measurement grid it makes it easy to adjust and cut for your phone's screen and protect your phones screen from scratches. It includes a screen cloth. Please note that this screen protector film might NOT be an exact size for your phone's screen and you might need to cut it to adjust for your phone's screen.

NOTE: This screen protector is a universal screen protector with 5.50" diagonal area and it might only cover the actual screen / image area and it might not cover the entire front panel area on your phone if your phone's front panel area is larger than 5.50" diagonal. Suitable for use with PDAs, Smartphones, MP3 Players, GPS units, Digital Cameras and other mobile device's LCD displays, the Universal Screen Overlay can be cut to fit the exact measurements of your device. Quick to apply and easy on the wallet, they are the ideal protective accessory for your device. Included is a screen cleaning cloth and application card. Overlay Screen Protector's offers a maximum size of 5.00" x 3.00''.

Installation Instructions:

1. Clean the screen thoroughly.
2. Use grid lines to measure the appropriate size for your LCD screen.
3. Carefully trim the screen protector along measured grid lines.
4. Expose 1/2 inch of the screen guard. Make sure not to touch the adhesive side.
5. Align the exposed section with the edges of the LCD screen and work from top to bottom pressing out air bubbles as you go.

  • Prevents screen scratching and other damage, easy to apply. Removes without any residue. for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
  • Invisible film once applied, it protects your screen and it's invisible, almost as if it's not even there.
  • Easy to customize and even works with stylus products. Clear, ultra thin and durable.
  • Quickly and easily adhere directly to your screen.Shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches.
  • Includes screen cleaning cloth. Grid lines for cutting.
  • This is a UNIVERSAL item and needs to be cut to fit your phone.