Premium Rapid Usb Car DC Charger Power Adapter for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH-P100
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Premium Rapid Usb Car Auto DC Charger Lighter Power Adapter 2100 mA Compatible with Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH-P100 (Tablet) Cell Phones. Made for the Samsung Galaxy Tab,2100mA.Keep your device charged and ready even when you're on the road. This lightweight and convenient charger connects easily to your car's power adapter/cigarette lighter. Allows you to use the power from your vehicle to talk on your handset while recharging your phone's battery.
True mobility means your device should travel with you. Don't consider your accessorizing complete until you've equipped your car with this in-vehicle power charger, essential to keeping your device powered-up and ready for use when you're on the road. Never again find yourself away from home and staring at the low power warning on your phone!Simply attach the custom connector to your tablet's charging port and plug the adapter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port.
Input: DC 12V-24V
Output: DC 5.0V +/-5%
Max: 2100 mA
Cable length: Approx 1ft, 30cm (unextended)
  • Highest quality premium car charger for your Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet. for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH-P100
  • Easy to operate and store,Perfect for the frequent traveler, Small and lightweight.
  • Two-amp charger safely charges your Galaxy Tab with the fastest speed possible.
  • SmartFuse protects with a built-in self-resetting circuit breaker; no fuses to replace.
  • Light Weight, compact, stylish, convenience Comes with a LED indicator.
  • Fits Samsung Galaxy Tablets ,Charge and talk at the same time Plug and Play.