Mini Flexible Roll-Up Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for AT&T Apple iPhone SE
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Universal Mini Black Wireless Keypad Flexible Roll-Up Bluetooth Water-Proof Keyboard Compatible with AT&T Apple iPhone SE Cell Phones. This Mini Roll-Up Bluetooth Keyboard is ideal for anyone on the go. This keyboard can be rolled-up, squished, crushed, and squeezed without any worry of damage. With its silicone design and flexibility you can easily fit it in a backpack, purse, bag or pocket without worry. This keyboard works without wires with its built-in Bluetooth transmitter it can be connected to any phone or Bluetooth enabled device, and with the built in rechargeable Li-ion battery this keyboard lasts for hours on a single charge. Comes with mini usb cable to charge the keyboard.
  • This keyboard works with any Bluetooth enabled device. Comes with Charging Cable. for AT&T Apple iPhone SE
  • Pocket sized and highly portable just fold up the keyboard and drop it in your bag.
  • Full qwerty keyboard makes typing messages and surfing the web super easy.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery hours hours of use and is easily recharged through USB.
  • Made from high quality silicone that keeps the device from getting damaged from water.
  • Durable keys with high quality printed ink that wont rub off or get damaged.