Car Window Mount Suction Windshield Holder Dock for AT&T LG G5
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Fonus Universal Car Auto Windshield Holder Dock Window Suction Cup Mount Dock Cradle Stand Compatible with AT&T LG G5 Cell Phones. Travel-mount is one of the most compact, yet powerful car mounts you can buy. The holder s allowing you to mount the windshield pedestal to other areas in your vehicle.
The holder holds larger devices comfortably and is one of the most versatile cell phone holders available. The mount making sure that none of your phone's ports, buttons or jacks are blocked. With this vehicle mount you can securely and easily keep the mobile device in view while driving. It features laterally adjustable support legs and a strong spring-loaded mechanism which securely grips your phone.The holder is sized to maximize functionality and look great in any vehicle. Designed to fit nearly ALL mobile phones regardless of whether a protective case or silicone sleeve is attached to the phone.
  • Easy to install no tools required. Full 360 degree rotation in either direction. for AT&T LG G5
  • Hit the road with a windshield mount for your Handheld.Padded sides protect your device and prevent slipping.
  • The holder's side and lower grips r padded w soft foam material to hold your device securely protecting it from scrathes
  • Adjustable to both Portrait and Landscape.
  • The padded sides protect your portable device, and move in and out with the push of a single button.
  • Compatible with cell phones, PDAs, iPods and other handheld devices of different sizes.