Adapter Stereo Auxiliary AUX Audio Cable Jack for AT&T Kyocera DuraXE
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Fonus White Premium Retractable 3.5mm Pin to 3.5mm Input Car Stereo Auxiliary AUX Jack Audio Cable Cord Adapter Connector Compatible with AT&T Kyocera DuraXE Cell Phones. Direct connect your device to car stereo.Retractable design No MESSY wires in your car.Perfect for ipod, Zune, CD player, cellphone, etc. Play your music through car stereo speakers. Pocket sized Retractable Design. NO Static. Better sound quality than transmitters.
PLAY MUSIC IN CAR FROM iPOD: Many vehicles are now equipped with a direct AUX input. This allows you to plug your iPod or music player directly to your car stereo. Most MP3 players (like the iPod, Zune, Sansa, Creative Zen, etc.) have a 3.5mm jack. Connect one end to the car and the other end to your music device.
PLAY MUSIC IN CAR FROM CELL PHONE: Tons of cell phones also have a standard 3.5mm jack such as the HTC Hero, HTC EVO , Blackberry Torch and iPhone 2G 3G 3GS 4G 5G. Connect one end to the car and the other end to your cell phone.
NO STATIC: This is much better than using a wireless transmitter in your car. Transmitters will distort the sound quality and often times result in static. A direct cord connection to your stereo provides the best quality. One end plugs into phone or music player, other end plugs into AUX input jack in car. The retractable design makes this very convenient. Hides all wires to keep your car organized. Cord will extend 32" and completely retracts to hide all wires. This cable has male 3.5mm 3-Ring gold plated tips on both ends.
CAR COMPATIBILITY: Check your car stereo to see if you can use this cable. Car manufacturers started adding them to vehicles in 2006 and many stereo head units have the AUX input built in as well.
OTHER APPLICATIONS: Also use cable to connect to home stereo, portable stereo, laptop, portable DVD player, Nintendo DS, etc. (Too many examples to mention - link any device that has 3.5mm audio input/output)
COMPATIBILITY : Any Audio device with 3.5mm JACK (ie. iPods, iPhones, CD/MP3 Players, Cell Phones).
Make sure your car has the 3.5mm AUX INPUT JACK.
  • Premium Quality Retractable cable for connecting iPod or your device to multimedia speakers and more. for AT&T Kyocera DuraXE
  • Offers quick and easy way to extend audio player connection.Self-retracts into slim housing when not in use.
  • Gold plated stereo plug. Any Stereo Plug Cable which use standard 3.5 mm stereo jacks.Fully Molded.
  • Retractable Coil Cable design. Connect your iPod, iPhone or your cellphone to your car or home stereo.
  • Male to Male 3.5mm Auxiliary cable. Plugs into your cars AUX (auxiliary) connector for pure sound.
  • Compatible with any cellphone and ipod and iphone, ALL MP3 players with a 3.5 mm input. Automobile with "Aux-In" Input.