Retractable Home Wall Travel Charger Adaptter for Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5
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Retractable AC Wall Power Adapter Home Travel Charger Compatible with Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5 Cell Phones. Best replacement for the original car charger. Convenient compact size with tangle-free wire to use with ease. Short circuit protection and a intelligent IC chip that prevents overcharging, & automatically switches to a saver. Pull the cord out when you need it; press the button to automatically retract it. Innovative folding electrical prongs feature.
  • Compact, convenient, and easy to use and store away. The wire is 100% retractable. It only takes up minimal space. for Net10 Samsung Galaxy J5
  • An intelligent IC chip prevents overcharging. The unit is less than the size of your phone.
  • Its tangle free wire makes for easy storing. Foldable outlet prongs reduces storage space and ideal for travel carrying.
  • Standard home, travel, wall charger plugs directly into the wall electrical socket.
  • Just push the retract button & the cable rewinds back into the plug for easy storage.
  • Compatible to any micro USB device.