OEM Car Charger Adapter USB Cable Wire for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
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Blackberry OEM Micro USB Car Charger Adapter USB Port Compatible with AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A) Cell Phones. Charge your BlackBerry smartphone on the go with the BlackBerry In-Vehicle Charger. This compact charger provides easy, reliable charging in your vehicle so your smartphone is ready to use when you get to your destination. Simply plug it into your car's vehicle power socket and connect it to your phone. With this convenient car charger your mobile device will charge at a rate of 1 Amp and you can enjoy unlimited talk and standby time while simultaneously charging your phone.
  • Plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or 12-volt power port. High performance charger that safely rapid charge your phone. for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
  • Includes a micro USB charging usb data cable. It charges your smartphone rapidly, and helps keep it ready when you need it.
  • Easy, convenient way to charge your phone or tablet battery in a vehicle when you are on the go.
  • Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery.
  • I/C Chip technology prevents your phone and battery against overcharging.